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Since 1985 we have specialized in the Distribution and sale of Professional grade products to Commercial Pest Management Companies. In 1989 we began to distribute products to City and State organizations. In 1990 we began Distribution to Commercial Property Management Groups. By the summer of 1991 we opened our doors to become an Educational Facility, conducting Training Seminars for our clients. In 1995 the company was reorganized and re-branded to become more local and community based within western Washington.

We acquired our Commercial Consulting & Dealer Manager license and are fully accredited to teach and train Professional Pest Management Programs to the general public and commercial markets. We provide Personal,Home, Business and Commercial Training Programs for our community. We pride ourselves in being able to illustrate and teach Pest Management to our community. Our Consultants utilize Professional Pest Control Techniques combining Pest Biology and Professional Grade Products together to solve daily Pest Control problems. This approach has been declared one of the finest concepts in Pest Management today. We are equally proud to be able to serve the great Northwest region for many years and we excited to now serve the great Southwest region.

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