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With the PEST STORE Commercial Kitchen Program, knocking out pests is as easy as 1-2-3!

Pests can be detrimental to any company in the food-service industry. They ruin food products and equipment, they spread disease and destroy reputations. In addition, federal and state law require restaurants and commercial kitchens to comply with strict sanitation codes and regulations. With so much riding on your pest control program, you can’t afford to lose the fight against pests. Start your training today.

THE PEST STORE’S TRAINING PROGRAM for restaurants and commercial kitchens offers you and your staff in the latest pest control technology and the utilization of commercial grade products for all your pest control needs. We are truly the do-it-yourself specialists. Here are a few quick facts about us:

• 25+ years experience
• 50-75% savings
• On-site consulting and training
• Flexible weekend hours
• Eco-friendly products
• Friends & Family referral program
• Safe for kitchens, dining rooms and food storage and processing facilities


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