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Rodent facts:

  •  Rodents produce 6-8 generations per year
  •  Rodents cause 30% of house fires a year in the US
  •  Rodents are vectors of many diseases
  •  Rodents destroy over a million pounds of stored food per year



THE PEST STORE’S Rodent Control Programs are designed with the following in mind:

  • Maximizing population Control
  • Lifetime, Limited Warranty on Materials
  • Professional Grade Rodent Technology
  • Professionally Tested & Approved rodents material & equipment
  • Limits Poisoning Hazards & Protects Non-Target Species
  • Non-Chemical & Humane Options Available

Rodent Products distributed by the THE PEST STORE are:

  • Reusable
  • Security designed, “No Escape” traps
  • Have advanced trigger technology
  • Designed with wall  &  floor mount capabilities
  • Available with Non-Chemical Options


Washington 206.525.3600

Colorado 970.570.5720

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